Let me and my little friends guide you around the town I grew up in. All photos were taken by my father year 1988 (few years before USSR collapse). He used Zenit ET. 23 years later it still makes my heart beat faster.

Old Town/Turgaus street

Main Tiltų Street

Tiltų and Turgaus crossroad

Tiltų Street

Fountain next to Klaipeda Drama Theater 

Little square next to Klaipeda Drama Theater 

Magical Lemonade Machine 

Old Town 

Green/Biržos Bridge 

Place where I met my first love (10 years later)

Klaipeda Clock and Watch Museum 

Old Post Office with dragons and chimes

Little park close to my home by riverside. First kisses, hide and seek, picnics.

Danės 27-3/ Home


  1. this is great. really great. such a nice bit of nostalgia for something i never experienced, but here i am introduced into it through your pictures :) i wish my maman and papa had used a zenit when we were young!

  2. Thank you so much for your comments and support! It's very important for me. I can't describe how grateful I am <3

  3. it is my pleasure to support your beautiful work :)